January 2018 – Annual Winter Warbird’s Event

We had an excellent turnout for our Winter Warbird’s event last year!  Thanks to everyone that participated as well as our spectators.  It was an exciting couple days and we had some fantastic aircraft on the field.  For more information regarding the event please take a look through our club newsletter, the ‘Slow Roll’.

Here are some highlights from our two day Winter Warbirds fly-in that took place in the past.
Hope to see you out at the field soon!

JWB_6159 JWB_6136 JWB_6033 JWB_5773 JWB_5770 JWB_5756 JWB_5714 JWB_5697 JWB_5685 JWB_5667 JWB_5642 JWB_5623 JWB_5595 JWB_5550 JWB_5536 JWB_5465 JWB_5408 JWB_5354 JWB_5225 JWB_5179 JWB_5151