To Become a Member

Membership fees are $175+Paypal fees for the first year and $100+Paypal fees to renew thereafter.

All members are required to have a individual and unique email,
 including  juniors. No family single email. Please make a free email if necessary such as ex.,, or such.

If you are interested in more information or touring our flying field please contact one of our club officers.

To join or renew please utilize our online application form and payment system.  Once complete, you will still need to contact a board member to receive the lock combination to the gate if you are a new member.  Joining through our online system utilizes Paypal.  Paypal fees are added to the membership total.

Joining our club also requires you to be an AMA member.  Please see the links below.

Current AMA dues:

 AMA Full Membership Program 

Please see the AMA website for further details.



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