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If you are joining or renewing your membership, please read the following.

All pilots including junior members (18 yrs or younger) must fill out the checkout  form once a year in order for us to maintain our records.
All members are required to have a individual and unique email,
 including  juniors. No family single email. Please make a free email if necessary such as ex. gmail.com, msn.com, or such.

When purchasing a membership, only choose 1  product for each member.  You will only be allowed one product.
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Year starts Sept 15th
Renewal runs from Oct 1st to Jan 1st
After Jan 1st a $20 late fee will be imposed.
Renewals for ages 19-64 are $100 plus Paypal fees.
Seniors age 65 and older are $75 plus Paypal fees.
Juniors 18 yrs or younger are $5 plus Paypal fees.
Costs for New Members are $175 plus Paypal fees  which is one year dues plus a $75.00 initiation fee which includes costs of name badge and field improvements to date.

By Checking the box to agree with Terms and Conditions, you are agreeing to the club rules.
These rules can be found on the Field Rules and Regulations page.

AMA Safety Rules
Field Rules

Please proceed to shopping cart: Purchase Membership

1. Add a product to cart
2. Proceed to checkout
3. Fill out all Billing detail fields
4. Check I agree box
5. Proceed to PayPal to pay with 1 of 2 options PayPal or Credit Card(at bottom of paypal box)

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