Election Season 2016

As the spring weather warms up so does the SVF election season.  This is a special time for the club as the nomination process begins and the voting commences.

This year happens to be an active season with three incumbants re-running for the board (1 stepping down), a contested President position along with three other Officer positions up for grabs and last but not least – five candidates on the ticket looking to represent the membership and lead the club towards the future.  As a member, you should have received an email outlining the voting instructions.  If you have not received the email please contact fmoskowitz@cox.net  or secretarysvf@gmail.com.  You can also vote by attending the 7pm May 4th meeting  at the Deer Valley Airport restaurant and casting your ballot in person.  Online voting is open from 5pm 4/29/16 until 5pm 5/4/16.

In addition, the candidate biographies are contained in this months Slowroll for your reference so that you can make an educated vote regarding the person(s),  values and skill sets that you would like to support.

Please take a few moments to review the candidates and what each bring to the table for the future of the Sun Valley Fliers prior to submitting your vote.

Thanks again and we look forward to another great year of flying!!